UBIEE PowerPill Testimonials from Australia


I drive an Isuzu NPA and as a Courier I know just how far I can travel on a 120 litre tank of fuel.

Since using PowerPill, I am very impressed with the results as I have previously tried other additives with very little effect, and have now switched to using PowerPill.

I have noticed an overall running improvement, but more importantly, I get about 15% further on a tank of fuel, which means an extra $10 per tank in my pocket. Also being a diesel engine, it does tend to smoke a bit and the PowerPill also seems to have reduced that.
Terry Bodinner   Perth

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PowerPill FE-3 Keeps Injectors Clean

When the PowerPill FE-3 was released, I decided to use it for my 1994 80 Series diesel GXL Land cruiser’s health as well as for the environment. The vehicle had travelled about 194,460km and the injectors had not been cleaned. I purchased a packet of PowerPill FE-3 the night of the release and put 4 pills in 95 litres of fuel before leaving the meeting.


I use, on average, 4 pills per week in about 180 litres of fuel. At 363,479km I had the injectors removed by my mechanic and taken to be cleaned and adjusted. The people who did the work would not believe that the injectors had done the amount of kms without being cleaned and were not badly blocked.

David Evans
Perth, Australia

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I live in Sydney. My European friend recommended UBiee PowerPill to me last month.

I drive Ford Laser LXi (Year 2000) Sedan.
Before I used the pill my car was yielding 11.50 Kms/Litre of Unleaded Petrol.

After I popped my first fill the mileage increased to 13 Kms/Litre.
That is 13% improved after the very first PowerPill. In addition, the noise has reduced and gives me a smooth ride. I expect more improvement in next month. I was a sceptic but UBiee Power Pill is an amazing product.

Consider AU $1.30 per litre of Unleaded Petrol price and improvement of 13% …it means I am saving 17 cents per litre!!!

Then I tried UBiee PowerPill in my 2-stroke Edge Cutter, and the white smoke disappeared!!! Fantastic…. I could not believe myself.  Thank you UBiee Power Pill. What a great product.

UBIEE PowerPill

From Rod Hamilton a Mechanic Mendooran, NSW 2842.

Dear Marion,

I take this opportunity to highlight my satisfaction with the Power Pill Fuel Conditioner.

My vehicle is a Holden HG Station Wagon with a 4.2 litre V8 {253} blue motor, with a Highway
camshaft driving a Trimatic transmission, good for highway cruising, overtaking, etc. I was quite
surprised after giving my fuel the first dose of Power Pill about 10 months ago. I had 50 litres of
unleaded fuel in the tank and applied one pill.

After 2 hours I set off on a 50 km journey, about 30 km along, following a light truck at 80km/h I accelerated to pass, expecting to cruise past reaching about 110km/h — I checked the speedometer
which was showing 120km/h — quite a surprise.

I have since adjusted the carburettor metering jets leaner with no loss of power throughout the range, except if I miss dosing the fuel tank for a couple of top-ups — the fuel mixture runs obviously too lean.

I am averaging better fuel economy travelling the same roads and conditions I have for the last  8 years. Also noticeable, the exhaust fumes are not as acrid as previously, and the spark plugs have no carbon build-up on the electrodes or the thread,
although the porcelain electrode tip has a red combustion deposit.

It appears to care for my engine very well — burning clean, good performance, stopping valve seat recession, no pinging on low octane unleaded fuel, less acrid exhaust fumes — I am obviously very happy with your fuel conditioner “Power Pill”.

Yours sincerely,

Rod Hamilton.


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