UBIEE Elite 1 Team Video Presented by Musketeer Sarah Pritchard

UBIEE Elite 1 Team

Hello, my name is Sarah Pritchard and I am one of the members of the UBIEE Elite 1 Team.

Who Are The E1 Team? – We are a select group of UBIEE Leaders who began as individuals in the UBIEE ENVIRO Project

Contributional Marketing system. http://ubiee.biz/team/clubs/e1

The Elite 1 (E1) team was originally named The Vikings (VoU) and from that another sub group was formed by the

UBIEE Ladies, called Ladies of UBIEE (LoU). The groups then united under one umbrella named The Elite1 Leaders

Team of UBIEE (E1). It made sense to work together as one and that is what we do. We are a caring team working

harmoniously together, bringing each person’s knowledge and skills to the whole. Remember, individually we are a

drop, but together, we are an ocean.

The group originated due to the growing popularity of the UBIEE ENVIRO Project (UEP). We came together along with

the founder, and contributed so as to complete a whole vortex at once. We all promote this solution with the same



For 11€ Contribution you get a return of at least 64% of your money contributed. This continues because you receive

a free Top Position 1 after 64 people have contributed after you. So you never leave the system.

For an explanation of a Vortex and the E1 Team, you can go to The 6 Musketeers blog post.


The E1 Team has supported a number of charities and we are a true believer and supporter of The FUTURO-Plan.


We increased our progress to culminate in sponsorship for the Melbourne Parliament of the World’s Religions event

in December 2009 when our UBIEE Doves of Peace shared the FUTURO-Plan. By “our,” I mean each one of us on an equal

level. At the time of writing, we are already in over 4000 vortexes and have 3854 Top Position 1s. We have 329

continually earning vortexes.

Progressing further, we purchased a Bronze, Silver and Gold, of the United Nations PeaceDay.TV Accreditation

Certificates. In so doing, we are not only openly supporting the promotion of World Peace, but also sponsoring

support of Non Profit Organizations and we are proud to be able to show what a united team can achieve. So you can

see that together we work well.

Elite 1 Team Gold PeaceDay TV  Certificate of Appreciation

You can sign-up for a Certificate of Appreciation here:


We all share a vision and pledge to work together so that the next generations, our precious children and their

children will inherit a healthy Earth. We are peace lovers with a mission. We are Leaders for World Peace,

dedicated and devoted to our vision and mission.

We want a cleaner Earth for our children and their children. Don’t you? The UBIEE ENVIRO Project has been developed

to bring about environmental awareness and to encourage people to use the UBIEE PowerPill, fuel conditioner. In

fact, the UEP goes further than just encouraging you to use the PowerPill. Whenever someone contributes to your

vortexes, you receive a percentage of that contribution and 10% of your earnings is put aside to accumulate for

you, towards the PowerPill itself. So you get to test the PowerPill for yourself and to make a contribution towards

a cleaner Earth.

On behalf of the UBIEE Elite 1 Team, I’d like to thank you for listening to this introduction. If you wish to

contribute to the UBIEE ENVIRO Project you can do so at http://ubiee.com/enviro/?tag=ELITETEAM1

If you would like more information about the Elite 1 Team, you can contact me on Skype. My ID is sarahprit or by

email: sarahubiee@gmail.com

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