Countdown to the UN Peace Day Global Broadcast

The Peace Day Sponsorship banner and production partners invite you to cover what may turn out to be the world’s largest ever charity & entertainment Internet broadcast taking place September 17-21st. The “Peace Day Global Broadcast” combines this year’s UN Millennium Development Goals Review Summit from the United Nations with the 2010 International Day of Peace celebrations from around the world.

The UN  Peace Day Broadcast will start today at 7 pm  GMT  and you can watch it from your site or your UBIEE SEO PRO site. You can participate in the live chat too.

If you haven’t got your own site here is the site presented by The 6 Musketeers:

Click here to view the site or click on the banner at the top of this post, thank you.

You can still show your support for peace, by obtaining a UN Certificate of Accreditation. Just click on the screenshot of our Gold Certificate of Appreciation below:

The 6 Musketeers present their gold certificate of appreciation

Looking forward to seeing you at the Peace Day Global Broadcast.

Angel cuddles,

Sarah Pritchard

On behalf of The 6 Musketeers Agency