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UBIEE Telethon

On Friday 28th August a UBIEE Telethon was held with Deborah Barton Birden as the hostess, with Dr Michael Dolgoruky, Joe Green and Danielle Michiels supporting Deborah behind the scenes making sure that it ran smoothly.

Throughout the day there were prizes to be won, each half hour, as a new speaker came on to be interviewed by Deborah. Every drawing had a second place prize of an OTC (One Time Contribution) in the UBIEE Enviro Project.

Prizes ranged from video cameras to vacation vouchers and UBIEE products, like the UBIEE PowerPill.

Everyone could participate. Some of my fellow 6 Musketeers were interviewed – Danielle Michiels, Marion Hume and Patricia Bartch. The Telethon was recorded and the video can be seen. I’ve put the link further down this page.

Everyone who participated enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed it too. Throughout the telethon, I was pinging messages, inviting folks to the telethon, to Twitter etc. using (a very handy tool to use and I highly recommend it if you don’t already use it). I was letting people know when I had won too.

I was lucky. Each half an hour, as each speaker came on, there would be a link announced in the chat. You registered on the page for the chance to win a prize. I won:

1) Prize number 6 – a blister of UBIEE PowerPills**

2) An OTC in the UBIEE Enviro Project.

3) Prize number 12 — One month Prepaid UBIEE SUPERsplash Page*

**I am looking forward to receiving my PowerPills. I’m going to give some of them to my sons so they will improve their mileage per litre of fuel, improve their engine running and help the environment at the same time, by cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions. We care about our cars, the environment and our future. Just think what the UBIEE PowerPill is and does.

*I will have to seriously consider what to use this SUPERsplash for. Perhaps I’ll put this blog or one of my other blogs on it because the combination of a UBIEE SUPERsplash Page in the multidomain rotator is very good for Google, and in fact all, search engine ranking. The USsP is shown on hundreds of domains, but you only have to promote one URL. At the time of writing there are over 770 domains. As every new domain is added your USsP is also shown on these new domains (at no extra cost to you).

You can see all the prizes listed here: UBIEE Telethon prize results. You will see that some other prizes were won by my fellow Musketeers Danielle and Patricia too. We were very happy and excited. Danielle won a 3 Month USsP. She is presenting her UBIEE Portal Page with all the UBIEE Products on there.

Here is a screenshot of her USsP in the multidomainrotator:


If you click on the screenshot you will be taken to The 6 Musketeers Agency UBIEE Portal Page.

You can also see the video of the Telethon here: UBIEE Telethon.

So don’t miss out next time. Don’t miss the next UBIEE Telethon!

I will be back to update you soon.

Angel cuddles,

Musketeer Sarah