“Climate change is here, and we have the solution!” says Musketeer Danielle Michiels

UBiee PowerPill Fe-3
Welcome to the UBIEEGreen NATION, Together with Peaceday.TV
we will find a Solution.
By Presenting The UBiee PowerPill, which offers an environmental and cost effective solution.
We cannot wait another 10 years for new Technology to reduce our vehicle emissions.
The climate is changing, Climate change is here, and we have the solution!
The scientists now tell us we must act now, not in 10 years or more.

The UBiee PowerPill will:
° Reduce our vehicle greenhouse emissions by 78%
° Improve  fuel economy.
° Increase engine power
° Act as lead substitute for older vehicules
° And much more…..
This is a cost effective solution for NOW – if you can afford the Fuel, you can afford the UBiee PowerPill, because the UBiee PowerPill will pay for itself in fuel economy. (and it is not that expensive!)

People want to know more about climate change and how they can reduce their
emissions. Get to know UBiee and what we can offer. Become an Environmental
Ambassador now and talk to your Family, your neighbours.

Whilst Industry and Governement are slowly making changes, you, as an indivudual, can take action now And be a part of the solution with the UBiee PowerPill.
This New Zealand product has been trialled and tested over 18 years and
it is safe for your vehicle, diesel or gasoline, or diesel biofuel.

I am sure you would like to take action, so please go to our Website, check it out and get some PowerPills and help us to make a difference.
Together we can change the world to make it a better place.
On behalf of The 6 Musketeers Agency

Musketeer Danielle Michiels

Danielle Michiels

UBiee GIA Ambassador

Skype: danymiche1

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Impressions of the PeaceDay.tv Global Broadcast by Musketeer Marion Hume

Peace Day Sponsorship

2010 Peace Day Global Broadcast for celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace.

What an exciting time the last 10 days or so has been, starting with the “Ringing of The Peace Bells at the United Nation’s Building in New York on 17th September and culminating on 23rd Sept.

This special time proved to be an experience for many, that was inspiring, challenging and also very humbling and those who had the opportunity to see some of the 24 hour continuous Live Streaming I am sure would have been touched by the enormity of what needs to be done, but also by what has been achieved over the last few years.

Sixty-four current and former heads of state and 1,000 leaders from the government, business, and philanthropy have been meeting this week to share insights and ideas, forge New Partnerships, and commit to taking action on global issues.

On http://peaceday.tv/unfoundation there is a 1-hour Documentary made up of mainly UN Foundation videos available on YouTube, that were sequenced by PeaceDay.tv and aired, on the 2010 Peace Day Global Broadcast for celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Like anything that is worthwhile it begins with You and Me and starts where we are right now.

Would you lilke to find out more?

Visit the full article HERE.

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE traduit par Musketeer Danielle Michiels

The 6 Musketeers Present UN certificate of appreciation


La Production PeaceDay.tv ainsi que ses Partenaires vous invitent à découvrir ce qui peut se révéler être la plus importante Manifestation au Monde de l’Emission diffusé sur Internet de “Charité  & divertissement (charity & entertainment Internet broadcast)  qui aura lieu à partir du: Septembre 17 au 21/2010.

La “Diffusion Mondiale Journée de la Paix (Global Broadcast)” sera diffusé cette Année à partir de L’Organisation des Nations Unies sur  les  8 Objectifs du Sommet du Millénaire pour le développement suivi des Célébrations 2010 de la Journée Internationale de la Paix à travers le Monde

Cette Célébration de cinq jours comprend une couverture en direct a partir des Nations Unies à New York, comprennent  le Sommet du Millénaire, les Commentaires avec les Dirigeants du Monde, un Concert pour la Paix de Londres pour “la Paix dans nos vies”, le Roots & Jane Goodall manifestation pour la jeunesse de Los Angeles, la Plantation d’Arbres pour la Paix de la Finlande pour les Ambassadeurs Israéliens et Palestiniens, Art Miles Peintures murales pour la Paix de la Pyramide de Gizeh en Égypte, une Journée pour la Paix Parade de Hawaii, et les festivals Earthdance dans plus de 20 endroits différent dans le Monde.

Entre les segments en direct il y à des segments de documentaires pré-reproduits qui couvrent l’état des Affaires du Monde dans des domaines allant de la Fin de la Pauvreté, le Maintien de la Paix, le Moyen-Orient, la Mortalité Infantile, les Catastrophes de 2010, la Biodiversité, la Santé Maternelle, les Peuples Autochtones, la Culture Mondiale, les Objectifs du Millénaire pour le Développement, et bien plus encore.

Le contenu est fourni par CARE, l’UNICEFUNE Campagne(One Campain) , la Campagne du Millénaire, les Aînés, Water.org, le Programme Alimentaire Mondial des Nations Unies, Peace One Day, UNIFEM, Action Contre la Faim, Amnesty
International, World Economic Forum, URI, Agape, Playing for Change
, les Organisations UBIEE Green NATION et plus de 50 Organisations d’aide qui sont trés plus efficaces  dans le mondes et qui sont répertoriés sur le site www.peaceday.tv.

Dans le cadre de la Journée Internationale de la Promotion pour la Paix et de l’éducation nous diffuseront l’ensemble du “Day After Peace» un documentaire créé par la Fondation Peace One Day, et notamment un festival du film spécial composé de courts métrages fourni par le projet Global Oneness.

Les Célébrités qui y apparaissant notamment sont:  Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Nelson Mandela, Bono, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jimmy Carter, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, le Dalaï Lama, Jane Goodall, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Al Pacino, Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, Usher, Beiber Justn, Jonas Brothers, Charlize Theron, Jane Goodall, David Beckham, James Cameron, Jude Law, Drew Barrymore, Roger Federer, Joan Baez, Jackson Browne, Michael Douglas, Muhammed Ali, Jeremy Irons, Sarah Jessica Parker Richard Branson, Michael Franti, Kofi Anan, Ban-Ki Moon, Cameron Diaz, Hussein Princesse de Jordanie, Jackie Chan, Jamie Foxx, Mia Farrow, Lenny Kravitz, Kevin Bacon, Alan Rickman, Gordon Brown, Jennifer Connelly, Antonio Banderas, Orlando Bloom, Jet Li, et trop peut d’autres à mentionner.

Le Peace Day Player est disponible a Tous ainsi que aux Organisations et peuvent librement l’incérez  sur leurs propres sites Web, ou sur leurs pages Facebook, MySpace, même dans les pages de blog comme WordPress.

Les Administrateurs de la diffusion seront disponibles pour des entrevues par téléphone, sur Skype (pour la télévision), ou en personne à la fois avant ou pendant l’événement à partir du siège du studio Américain à Eugene, en Oregon et en Europe de Saragosse en Espagne.

La “Diffusion Mondiale Journée de la Paix (Global Broadcast)” est un événement annuel pour la Charité Humanitaire qui est coordonnée par le biais de la Coopération des réseau de: LiveSteam, Unity Foundation, UBIEE, ShockRa Entertainment, Xeden, PeacePortal.mobi et Globalink TotalVision.


Dr. Michael Dolgoruky U
EU Ambassadeur

Media Broadcast PeaceDay.TV
Phone Spain: +34-976-306200
Phone Germany: +49-89-2351-3138
Phone USA: +1-850-417-7196
Phone New Zealand:  +64-9-889-2214
Phone Australia:  +61-2-8006-4322
Corporate Websites: www.UBIEE.comwww.officialUBIEE.comwww.UBIEE.me
Skype: skype:ubiee.corporation?call
Get Skype and call me for free www.skype.com
The 6 Musketeers Agency
Become an official sponsor for peace:

UBIEE Elite 1 Team; we want a cleaner and peaceful Earth for our children and their children. Don’t you?

UBIEE Elite 1 Team Banner

Who Are The E1 Team? – We are a select group of UBIEE Leaders who began as individuals in the UBIEE ENVIRO Project Contributional Marketing system.  http://ubiee.biz/team/clubs/e1
We gradually combined to become an ethical and harmonic team of elite mentors, working and sharing together and developing qualities amongst us and within us.

The Elite 1 (E1) team was originally named The Vikings (VoU) and from that another sub group was formed by the UBIEE Ladies, called Ladies of UBIEE (LoU).  The groups then united under one umbrella named The Elite1 Leaders Team of UBIEE (E1).  It made sense to work together as one and that is what we do.  We are a caring team working harmoniously together, bringing each person’s knowledge and skills to the whole. There is no limit to what we can achieve.

The group originated due to the growing popularity of the UBIEE ENVIRO Project (UEP).  We came together and contributed so as to complete a whole vortex at once. We all promote this solution with the same URL.


For 11€ Contribution you get a return of 64% of your money contributed.
Here is an explanation of a Vortex


The E-1 Team has supported many charities and we are a true believer and supporter of The FUTURO-Plan.
We then further increased our progress to culminate in sponsorship for the Melbourne Parliament of the World’s Religions event in December 2009. By “our,” I mean each one of us on an equal level. At the time of writing, we are already in 4143 vortexes and have 3813 Top Position 1s. We have 325 continually earning vortexes.

As a result, we are purchasing one each of the three versions, that is to say, Bronze, Silver and Gold, of the United Nations PeaceDay.TV Accreditation Certificates. In so doing, we are not only openly supporting the promotion of World Peace, but also sponsoring the disbursement of the sponsor payments made, in the form of commissions, donations & support of Non Profit Organizations and we are proud to be able to show what a united team can achieve. So you can see that together we work well.  All contribute and concentrate their efforts for the one. In doing so, we gain confidence and expertise. Our commitment and bond to the one and our vision mounts ever stronger, and we all benefit, as well as Mother Earth and humanity itself.

Elite 1 Team Certificate of Appreciation

You can sign-up for a Certificate of Appreciation here:


We all share a vision and pledge to work together so that the next generations, our precious children and their children will inherit a healthy Earth. We are peace lovers with a mission. We are Leaders for World Peace, dedicated and devoted to our UBIEE vision, mission and to each other, as one.

We are not just talkers; we are action takers, doers and we are doing our Earth proud. We are individuals, but we form one, the UBIEE family, working for world peace with the FUTURO-Plan, the ultimate although simple monetary formula. Along with the UBIEE ENVIRO Project and the FUTURO-Plan, we are making history together, helping the environment and bringing about world peace and healing to our planet.

Together, as one, we are ready to take up any challenge to bring about our UBIEE vision. There is no limit as we combine our efforts in spirit and teamwork, to bring about environmental awareness and peace, and thus, healing for Mother Earth, and for mankind.

We want a cleaner Earth for our children and their children. Don’t you? The UBIEE ENVIRO Project has been developed to bring about environmental awareness and to encourage people to use the UBIEE PowerPill, fuel conditioner. In fact, the UEP goes further than just encouraging you to use the PowerPill. Whenever someone contributes to your vortexes, you receive a percentage of that contribution and 10% of your earnings is put aside to accumulate for you, towards the PowerPill itself. So you get to test the PowerPill for yourself and to make a contribution towards a cleaner Earth.


On behalf of The 6 Musketeers Agency

and the UBIEE Elite 1 Team


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The 6 Musketeers thank you for your UN PeaceDay.TV sponsorship participation

We appreciate your UN PeaceDay.TV FREE Sponsorship participation. Thank You for registering as a FREE Supporter of the United Nations PeaceDay 2010 Event. If you have not yet set up your sponsorship, you can do so by clicking HEREGold peace certificate or on the peace certificate image above.

As a FREE member you will be able to PROMOTE your own sponsorship page and even EARN 15% when you refer new sponsors who purchase an official certificate. Please Note, Free membership does not include an official serial numbered certificate. Don’t worry, you can still purchase a certificate at a later time, using €uros or the TF$ Peace Currency.

You can show the World that you Support “The World PeaceDay” on September 21st, and that you believe it is a great solution to UNIFY this planet in our mutual desire for PEACE.

For Certificate owners, the Webpage will show your Contribution made in the form of a Website that shows you on a Numbered PEACE Accreditation Web Certificate.
You can put this Numbered PEACE Accreditation on any of your Websites or blogs, etc. and even print off a hard copy, to let others see your support.

We thank you in advance for your participation.

Musketeer Sarah Pritchard,

The 6 Musketeers

On behalf of The 6 Musketeers

Skype ID: sarahprit

The 6 Musketeers Agency Certificate of Appreciation

The 6 Musketeers Agency Certificate of Appreciation

The 6 Musketeers Agency UN Peace certificate

You can become a peace sponsor too, just like us.

We appreciate your interest and we would like to
share with you that we are offering you participation in the United Nations
(UN) PeaceDay-TV Sponsorship.

As a Sponsorship Package
owner you will be provided with your own Replicated PeaceDay-TV Sponsor
Accreditation page, from a choice of 3 Sponsorship Package Versions available.

Please bear in mind that this is a “Peace Promotional Opportunity” and not,
in any way, a form of Networking or MLM. We would like to be very clear
about this.

We provide special TF$ Sales that we have implemented with the TF$
Benefactor FREE ACCOUNT.

The 6 Musketeers
recommend and encourage the use of the UN PeaceDay-TV Sponsorship Package
for all “peace loving people around the world” to
actively promote it and proudly share it with their friends and loved ones.

Get your Free Account Now, to save at least 25% on your Peace Accreditation
Certificate orders. We accept TF$ Orders and you can earn from TF$ Sales. All in all a WIN WIN Situation.

  1. All
    Numbered Peace Accreditations are valid for 12 months.
  2. All 3 Sponsorship versions come with a Streaming
    for the UN International Day of Peace Event with
    lots of Visual Information.
  3. It presents
    you with your Own Professional and Personal Presentation as a “Peace
  4. The Add-on
    opportunity to add Professional Links to your Serial Numbered Peace Accreditation.
  5. A Wonderful
    Marketing and Business Ploy to build Trust and Respect.
  6. You will be supporting 5
    to 10 different Charities with your
    Sponsorship participation.

We believe that this Sponsorship participation is for you. It will
provide you with a very unusual symbolism that shows that YOU WANT PEACE.

You have no
TF$ Account? Get one for Free from us at UBIEE SEO PRO!
Sign up here

Again, we are
proud to have you on Board if you decide to be so, and we
look forward to seeing many more of your friends and Loved ones
participating with us.
  • Please remember that the BronzeSilver Gold FUTURO-Plan deploys 10% of
    the payments you make, to go to a special selected Group of
    5-10 different Charities, that our Peace Team is presenting to its
    UBIEE Green NATION members. The elected charities are based upon
    anonymous “Public Votes” in our UBIEE Green NATION Social
    Community. See the Polls at http://ubiee.biz.
  • Please also remember that the BronzeSilver
    FUTURO-Plan deploys 15% of the payments you make, to
    your Sponsor.
  • With the “Add-ons
    another additional opportunity to promote Peace has been made available
    to you. This allows you to add your own Professional Links to your
    Numbered Peace Accreditation. You will be amazed at the impact that can
    have for your own Business.
  • Together,we can bring about Peace on Earth.

The 6 Musketeers Agency Presents the UN Peace Accreditation

The 6 Musketeers Agency
One for All and All for One!

Los 8 Objetivos Del Milenio de las Naciones Unidas # 1

Musketeer Danielle Michiels

Después de haber sido un gran éxito en la primera edición de la Jornada Mundial por la Paz en 2009, el programa fue visto por millones de personas en todo el mundo y estamos encantados de anunciar una nueva edición de la Jornada por la Paz Global que se celebrará a las Naciones Unidas sobre el 17 septiembre a 21 septiembre 2010, para construir un desarrollo sostenible.
Las celebraciones de este evento será transmitido en vivo en todo el mundo, que le explicará las soluciones duraderas utilizados para el logro de los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio.
Este año el Premio de la Paz se dará en honor de los participantes y organizaciones que trabajan para promover la paz, los derechos humanos, desarrollo sostenible y la consecución de los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio A emisión de este año muestran que se ha avanzado en el último año, con soluciones que han permitido alcanzar los objetivos, y explicar cada uno de los Objetivos del Milenio para el desarrollo.

* Objetivo 1: Erradicar la pobreza extrema y el hambre.
* Objetivo 2: Lograr la enseñanza primaria universal.
* Objetivo 3: Promover la igualdad entre los Géneros y la autonomía de las Mujeres.
* Objetivo 4: Reducir la mortalidad infantil.
* Objetivo 5: Mejorar la salud materna.
* Objetivo 6: Enfermedades e Combatir el VIH / SIDA, el paludismo y otras.
* Objetivo 7 Garantizar la sostenibilidad Medio Ambiente.
* Objetivo 8: Fomentar una asociación mundial para el desarrollo.

Objetivo 1: Erradicar la extrema pobreza y el hambre

Objetivo 1a: Reducir a la mitad la proporción de personas que viven con menos de un US $ dólar al día.
* 1.1 Proporción de la población por debajo de  1 US $  por día.
* 1,2 Tipo de pobreza.
* 1.3 Compartir del quintil más pobre en el consumo nacional.
Objetivo 1b: Lograr el pleno y productivo empleo  y trabajo decente para todos, incluyendo Mujeres y Jóvenes.
* 1,4 Tipo de crecimiento  del PIB por persona empleada.
* 1,5 Precio de  puestos de trabajo-población.
* 1,6 Proporción de la población ocupada por debajo de 1 US $  por día.
* 1,7 Proporción de por cuenta propia y trabajadores familiares en el empleo total.
Objetivo 1C: Reducir a la mitad la proporción de personas que padecen hambre.
* 1,8 Porcentaje de Niños menores de cinco años.
* 1,9 Proporción de la población por debajo del nivel mínimo de energía alimentaria Ver video.
¿Estamos en el Objetivo?
El objetivo es reducir a la mitad la proporción de personas que viven en el mundo con menos de 1 dólar por día para el año 2015 esta evolución está a la mano, este resultado es en gran parte debido al éxito económico extraordinario a través de Asia.
Por el contrario, las estimaciones previas indican que se ha avanzado poco en la reducción de la pobreza extrema en el África sub-sahariana. En Asia occidental, las tasas de pobreza es relativamente baja, pero va en aumento. Y las economías en transición de la Comunidad de Estados Independientes (CEI) y Europa sud-oriental todavía estaban recuperándose del aumento de la pobreza en la década de 1990.
MDG 1 Soluciones:
Plumpynut: Un paquete de 3 oz Plumpynut es equivalente a 500 calorías por porción para reducir el hambre. Anderson Cooper o Video
Acción contra el Hambre: Los programas innovadores y salvamento en los alimentos, seguridad alimentaria, agua y mucho más. Incluso Video
Un Programa Mundial de Alimentos: Es la mayor organización humanitaria del mundo  contra de la lucha contra el hambre en el mundo.
Mejorar el acceso a las bombas de Agua: Agua potable (ver los hechos) para la producción de alimentos mediante el uso de bombas accionadas por niños que juegan con las bombas de agua Incluso vídeo
Solar Frigorífico: Pequeño Dispositivo portátil  que no requiere ninguna fuente de alimentación externa que se utiliza para mantener los alimentos frescos durante días, para que no se estropean.
Los secadores SOLARFLEX de Frutas y Verduras: Secador de frutas Solar, secadores vegetales que tiene una solución flexible y de bajo costo para la fabricación. El Secado das frutas y das verduras con este sistema es una solución para la conservación a largo plazo de los alimentos que no requieren de electricidad
Árboles para la Vida: Utilice el increíble árbol de Moringa, y trabajando en proyectos para la regeneración de los suelos, la organización ha plantado decenas de millones de árboles frutales en la India, Guatemala, Haití y Brasil desde 1984.
Intensificación de Arroz SRI: Métodos para incrementar la productividad de arroz de riego en el cambio de la gestión de las plantas, suelo, agua y nutrientes. Estas prácticas de la ISR es mejorar la salud, e tener un piso más productivo en la promoción de la abundancia y diversidad de los organismos del suelo.

Action Against Hunger, UN World Food Programme, PlumpynutTherapeutic Milk F100 ,    Water.org , SRI Rice Intensification

Seguir leyendo el UN objetivo #