Happy Anniversary UBIEE — 6 Years and 8 Solutions!

UBIEE Presented by The 6 Musketeers Agency

UBIEE was formed in 2004 under the auspices of the Company Ring SMS, with the Headquarters in Zaragoza, Spain, and has now grown to be a Globally Recognized Environmental Company with 8 Solutions.

I would like to give you a short Overview of these 8 Solutions and I encourage you to go to the Websites and check them out so that you can make up your own mind whether there is something here that you would like to learn more about and be part of.

UBIEE PowerPill Presented by The 6 Musketeers Agency

SOLUTION No 1 – The UBiee PowerPill FE-3 – This great Product was Launched on 15th September 2005.It is a uniquely formulated fuel conditioner unlike any other product out there on the market that guarantees a minimum 78% Plus reduction of poisonous emissions! Yes, you heard me right a 78% MINIMUM Reduction and because of this it offers a real solution for our environment.

Regardless of what you may think about global warming, wouldn’t you like to be able to walk down the street with Cars, Buses and Trucks going by and not feel choked by the pollution – and what about being able to see a few more stars in the sky at night!

I feel one of the most important issues of our time is GLOBAL WARMING and The UPP addresses this by eliminating the carbon build-up in your engine giving you a much cleaner exhaust, more power, savings on gas, less oil changes, plus the consciousness of making a difference.

It can be used in Petrol, Diesel, in fact in any liquid fuel and can be used in both large and small combustion engines – cars, trucks, buses, motor-bikes, lawnmowers, heating systems and boats simply by putting a PowerPill in your Tank each time you fill up

The Product is Manufactured by New Image International of New Zealand and has been on the Market for 19 years, it is backed by a 6 Million euro Insurance Policy against any damage caused to your engine by using the PowerPill and to date in the 19 years of its use there has not been one claim made.

For those who can recall back in 2006 we were selling 500 Thousand Pills every month. At this present time, we are selling almost 5.5 Million Pills every month and it has just been officially confirmed that all Govt vehicles in Iran and Turkey will use the PowerPill –150,000 Pills every month in Iran and 75,000 PPs in Turkey.

We can’t rely on Governments to fix all of our problems so it is up to us as individuals to do our part.

Would you like to see a Healthier Planet, a Healthier People plus save money on your fuel and vehicle maintenance – I am sure you would so please go to our Website, check it out and get some PoerPills for yourself and help us to make a difference.

UBIEE ENVIRO Project Presented by The 6 Musketeers Agency

SOLUTION No 2. The UBIEE ENVIRO PROJECT was launched in July 2007 and was dedicated to creating greater global awareness of climate change & environmental issues.

As I have already mentioned the “PowerPill” at that time had already been on the market for many years but it had not been easy to convince People of the Benefits, so the UEP was created to support the “Environment” and to enhance Sales of the PowerPill. 10% of money earned by each Member is put aside and accumulated until there is sufficient to send them out a FREE Blister of PowerPills completely Free of Charge.

The UBiee Enviro Project is a unique and ingenious Project that aims first and foremost to raise awareness for the need to care for our planet. It is a method of advertising that incorporates Contributional Marketing, residual income and the promotion of a product that can be used by all of us to reduce noxious emissions from our own vehicles.

It is the best win-win scenario I have seen so why not be part of this for a One Time Contribution of 11 euro or approx $16USD and see for yourself what this can do for you.

The UEP is a “pay as you go programme” and it “ pays back 64% of the total contributions” to those participating in the Vortex.

It is NOT a Money Investment Programme or a “quick get rich programme”, you will only make money if People join our Vortexes and become aware of what we are doing. The UBIEE ENVIRO Project is “Contributional Marketing” and was created to spread the wealth amongst the People who come in and not the People on the top as well as creating an environmental awareness.

With the UEP You will NOT get rich in the short term but it will give you the opportunity to create for yourself a “Real Residual Income”, so please go to the Website you see here, check it out and see how it can benefit you.


UBIEE Earthmail Presented by The 6 Musketeers Agency

SOLUTION No 3 – UBIEE Earthmail this is the Newest, Simplest and most Innovative Revolution in Internet Communication and was on Launched March 2008. It is a Cutting Edge Technology that allows you to have control over Who Sends Mail to your Email Address, by using the Email Address itself, as a “Unique Tracking System” so it puts You in Charge of your Email Box.

With Email-2-0 you have your own personalized email domain and you can attach as many emails as you like to it, Free of charge? You can provide each of your Family Members, Business Partners, friends, or anybody important to you, with A secure channel DIRECTLY TO YOUR INBOX?

You control from the start what others do with your email address and importantly it enables you to know who sells your email address to SPAMMERS and it gives you the ability to Block them so that you do not receive any SPAM.

Email 2.0 is not just a Totally New Email System, it is also an exciting Business Opportunity. For the UEM Agencies and Agents it gives them an entire LEAD GENERATING AND OPT-IN Email Marketing System which can even be used to promote Your Own Business, Track Email Openers and Banner Hits on all your Affiliate Sites and so much more so go to the Website and Sign up, you will be so glad you did.

PIFBC Presented by The 6 Musketeers

Solution No 4 – The Pay-It-Forward Buyers Club is a New Concept in Home Based Business and was Launched on 10th June 2008 This Programme dares to reach out in a New Direction combining many Exclusive Insider Opportunities with an Age Old Wealth Creating System that goes back 100s of years. Membership is by Invitation only.

We PIF as a Gift to our Friends rather than asking them to Pay because we believe “it is more Blessed to Give than Receive” and by helping People understand what “Giving can bring to them, we not only help others but in doing help ourselves. Whether we like it or not, directly or indirectly, many of our Dreams do have to do with Money.

Once you have been Sponsored, the idea is for you to then PIF for 3 of your Friends for a ONE Time Only Cost of $37.50 USD ($12.50 per Person) and show them how to do the same.

There are No Monthly Fees and it is NOT MLM.

As a Member you receive Instant Exclusive Rewards such as a “Free UBIEE Earthmail Account and as you Cycle you receive Free UBiee PowerPills as well as a One Time Position in UBIEE ENVIRO Project plus you also have the opportunity to have your Own Shopping Mall.

You will find more Information on the Website and it is definitely worth checking out:

I will be back shortly to give you the other 4 Solutions and look forward to seeing you then, and if you have any Questions at all please Contact us on our 6 Musketeers Agency Website at http://ub2.biz/ubidat3 or

Email : 6musketeers@ubiee.com

UBIEE SEO PRO Presented by The 6 Musketeers Agency

SOLUTION No 5UBIEE SEO PRO was Launched March 2009 and is an exciting Search Engine Optimized Platform that gives you effective, affordable Advertising which has given new life to businesses online and off line. The entire make-up of this Technology has provided Small and Large Businesses alike with the magnetic effect on advertising traffic, along with the branding of Individuals, when presenting their Businesses.

Up until now only Webmasters, Gurus, and high-priced SEO experts have been able to influence the way your web pages show up in Search Engines. Many of these SEO Services advertised online cost HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of Euros/Dollars to optimize a SINGLE PAGE!

Now you can get started with a Do-It-Yourself SEO Technology with very little work involved since the system is optimized for getting results .You are gifted with simple instructions which guide you through the entire process of getting established.

UBIEE SEO PRO is a vast network comprised of over 850 domains, and thousands of Online and Off-line Marketers just like yourself have discovered the power of Do-It-Yourself SEO branding. Our system makes it very simple for anyone to convert all of the pages they are promoting online into personalized Search Engine Ready pages. You control the Title, Keywords, Description and other important elements that are normally out of your control, but are extremely essential to your success if you wish to be found among the thousands of search engine results.

If You are like many affiliate marketers, you may have found yourself with many different pages to promote Online. Most Programs offer you your own affiliate page which you can use in your promotions, BUT you may have noticed, that if you search for your affiliate page on Google or other search engines, in many cases you will not be able to find your SPECIFIC page anywhere in the results!

We Are The Only Company That Can Rotate 100s and 1,000s of different Affiliate URLs on a Top Level Domain – All your Business URLs are advertised under ONE Domain, but with each URL individualized for Search Engine Optimization with Your Own Keywords and Descriptions plus we can Publish Any Webpage, Any Splash Page, or Any Site to 300, 1,000, 10,000 or even 100,000 Webpages within 60 minutes.

Other Advantages are Increased Hits to Your URLs, High Rankings in Google, and we can Save You Time and Money. Each URL that Your Customer submits is indexed by Google WITH THEIR NAME right on Top, so when potential Customers search for their Products or Services, they will find INSTANT Search Results with Their Name included.

UBIEE SEO PRO is a Do-It-Yourself Programme that has proved to be very successful – It is not a Vision, it is not that we Might be able to do it, “We Have Already Done It”
so check it out on the Website and see how it can benefit you:

UBIEE Pc Presented by The 6 Musketeers Agency

Solution No 6 is UBIEEpc and it is your Complete
Internet and Web Solutions PLATFORM! So let our POWERFUL and FULLY AUTOMATED shopping cart and integration system walk you through all the possibilities! Whether you are a fully running web company or an Individual looking to design and put up your own webpage, UBIEE Pc has what you are looking for.

This includes Web Hosting on Linux or Windows, Domain Registration starting from as low as 1,45 EURO, Fully managed DNS packages, Digital Secure Certificates, Complete Email Solutions and Email Hosting, not to mention a very profitable Reseller Program.
Please check this out at the URL shown below:

UgN Presented by The 6 Musketeers Agency

Solution No 7 – UBIEE Green NATION is a very powerful Citizen networking site and it will help you to find like minded people from all over the world.

With the UBIEE Green NATION you can:
See the Profiles of UgN Members.
Build your own Network of contacts who share your interests There is also a built-in Chat, and a wealth of Information in Blogs in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese, Audio & Video blogging and lots of additional communication services.
You can Create Classified Ads and get responses.
You can Create your own Event or attend to other Members’ Events and You can Create Clubs and Invite People, who share your interests.

To become A a UBIEE Green NATION Citizen go to www.ubiee.biz “Click the JOIN NOW option” and start networking with more than 800,000 members of UBIEE!

UBIEE FUTURO-Plan Presented by The 6 Musketeers Agency

SOLUTION No 8 – The FUTURO-Plan. This is a World Peace Solution created for making our Planet Earth a Better Place, a place that will provide the necessities of life, Food, Shelter, Health and Education for EVERYONE.

It has been presented and put together for you, for the normal person like Joe Bloggs that has a heart and cannot understand the poverty, disease, misery and hopelessness we see on our Television and want to do something about it.

We live in a world where 95% of all the wealth is controlled by 5% of the people. Many families in Nations around the world are living on less than a dollar per day.

We believe the time has come for a paradigm shift…. a new way of thinking and living together on the Earth…..a NEW HUMAN CONCEPT based on SIMPLICITY.

Our Plan is so basic and so simple that everyone, every NATION, every government can easily understand it and put it to use. It is based on a principle so powerful, that for the first time in the history of the world we have the ability to create a TRULY STABLE Economy for everyone with everyone included and no one left out.

We can do this because our Plan is based on everyone’s greatest asset……. the one thing that everyone in the whole world values more than anything else and that is the future of our Children.

The FUTURO-Plan is a SIMPLE MATHEMATICAL FORMULA for a WORLD PEACEIf you would like to find out more go to http://www.1x14x30.com and while you are there Please Sign our World Peace Petition and show that You care and want to do something to help.


UBIEE has something for you no matter what your interest. We have Weekly International Meetings in English, German and Russian, and we have Skype Chats so if you would like more Information please Contact us on our 6 Musketeers Agency Website at http://ub2.biz/ubidat3 or

Email : 6musketeers@ubiee.com

Thank you for taking the time to read and have a great week and God Bless you all. Thank you.

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