Explanation of the UBIEE ENVIRO Project

The 6 Musketeers Agency Presents the UBIEE ENVIRO Project

Presented by The 6 Musketeers Agency


The UBIEE ENVIRO Project is a POWERFUL Wealth Sharing Payout Module unlike ANYTHING currently available in the world of internet marketing. Discover how YOU can use CONTRIBUTIONAL MARKETING to generate wealth for you or your favourite charity, for example, and generate HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of ‘WOW Email’ Payout Notifications to your friends, partners, and family!


This is NOT a Money Investment Program or a “get rich quick program.” You will only make money if people join our Vortexes and more people become aware of what we are doing.

The UBIEE ENVIRO Project is “Contributional Marketing” and was created to spread the wealth amongst the people who come in and not to the people on the top and to create an environmental awareness.

The UEP is a “pay as you go program” and what it does is “to pay back 64% of the total contributions” to those participating in the Vortex.
There is a total of 192 OTC (TP1+ 192 OTC) in a Group – 1 TP1 or “Top Position 1” 64 OTC + 2 Groups of 64 OTC

(OTC “One Time Contributors”)

Each person in that Vortex gets paid a “maximum of 64 times” after which there are no more payments for that Group and the Vortex is closed.
The total amount of Contributions for 1 Group is 1.280€ and 64% of this is paid back to the Contributors of that Group.
After the 64th OTC position is filled, the TP1 of that Group will also receive a “new free Top Position”. This can be repeated over and over again as many times as the system is kept working.
The good thing is that you only need a few people to get more than your money back and remember 64% of all the money received is paid back.
By the time you have received 64 payments you will have received 1 new Vortex and will have your own TP1 position. Every person, regardless of where they start, receives a Free TP1 after 64 people have contributed below them.

Each Person from the TPI, the No 1 in the Group, right down to the 128th Person will all use the same URL to promote the site eg: http://ubiee.com/enviro/?vortex=1

When a Group reaches 128 Contributors and a total of 194 commissions paid out that Group will no longer exist, except as “a Testimony to our success”. A “New Group” is then automatically formed with each one of those 128 Contributors receiving their own “UEP Group”. Once it gets to OTC 128 the person who joins at OTC 128 also has to receive 64 payments – so that is where the 3rd Group comes in from OTC 129 to OTC 192. Each Person from OTC 129 to OTC 192 automatically receives a TP1 Position so that they can also get 3 X 64 payments.

OTC positions 1, 2 and 3 are the positions where you will always make more than 200% of your original contribution which if you choose you can re-contribute again in other OTC Positions.

You won’t make 1000€ overnight by contributing 11€, and if anyone promises you this, they are someone who can’t be trusted because it just does not happen. Even with a bank, it will take approx 180 years to get the same return on your money.

I hope you can see the potential of this program. All you need to do is get involved and join a Group that is active and share about the UBIEE ENVIRO Project and our aim, which is to create environmental awareness and to do something for people in need and encourage them to contribute and join us.

Let me explain about the “Vortex Viewer.”
We use “internet technology” to spread the word, but we do not use internet technology to create downlines of unlimited people; ours is a “Vortex” just one single line deep.

Your “Vortex Viewer” can be accessed from your Back Office. All members share equally. There is no “referrer”. The concept is NOT an MLM. It is a line system where we all act as a Group.
“The TP1 or Top Position 1” can earn a maximum of 30.36 EUR in that one position which reduces down to 10 cents for OTC 64.

We have now implemented a “new feature” which will allow OTC 128 to also earn 30,36€, the same as the TP1 position, thus spreading more money to all who are part of that Vortex. This gives a complete new vision to the whole Vortex System, because it increases the earning potential of the TP1 by 100% and also allows the OTC 65 – OTC 128 to earn more money. This is able to be done because the Vortex is a mathematical configuration of 3 x 64.

This means after five people The OWNER TP1 earns:
OTC 1 = € 6,40
OTC 2 = € 3,20
OTC 3 = € 2,13
OTC 4 = € 1,80
TP1 gets four emails of Euros : € 6,40, € 3,20, € 2,13, € 1,80
OTC 1 gets three emails: € 3,20, € 2,133, € 1,80
OTC 2 gets two emails: € 2,13, € 1.80
OTC 3 gets one email: € 1.80

The way the Vortex is set up, OTC 128 receives exactly the same amount as OTC 1, that is 6.40€.
From OTC 65 to OTC 128 it actually works in reverse to 1 to 64 regarding the payments.

The “Vortex System” as a Project is a “People’s Project” and is only a small part of the UBIEE operation. Our Product, the “PowerPill” has been on the market for 15 years. It is manufactured in New Zealand by a Company within the New Image Group. New Image is listed on the Stock Exchange and the UBIEE Team, people like you and me, have received recognition from the Company and the Stock Holders to take the “Pill” out of their Distribution Network and be the Marketing Arm for the PowerPill as exclusive Worldwide Distributors.

It has been hard to create “Environmental Awareness” so the UEP has been created to support the Environment. It is up to us as a Company to let People know that we have the best Product in the World, the UBiee PowerPill which has a Manufacturers Guarantee of 78% emission reduction.

The total contribution to a Vortex is 1280 EUR; 64% of this is paid back to the Contributors and 36% is held by the Company to support the GIAs and Distributors in promoting “Environmental Awareness.

A Vortex is “full” when it has 128 OTC’s or “One Time Contributors”, but it is “not closed” because OTC 64 also needs to get their 64 payments plus 1 FREE TP1 Position. A vortex will be closed when OTC 129 to OTC 192 are filled and each of those contributors will get 1 TP1 position free like everyone else just through being in a Vortex.We truly believe that everyone should have a chance to support the “Environment” and at the same time earn a little money for themselves.

Once you have received 64 payments you will also have received your 1 new TP1 Position.

The maximum a person can earn in a Vortex is 30.36 EUR and previously the minimum was 6.40€ but now with the changes implemented, OTC 65 – OTC 128 have the opportunity to earn more money so that OTC 128 has the potential to earn the same amount as OTC 1.
This can be done over and over again so the earning potential is limitless.

If you are looking for a “quick money generator” then you are in the wrong place; this is “a Residual Income Generator” that is based upon “People Supporting the Environment”.
There are many people who do not have the money to buy some PowerPills, but they do have 11€ to support the “Environment” because they believe that the World does need a hand and they believe like you and me, that the World should unite, because this is the only way we can make a change.
We cannot wait for the politicians to act on the environmental crisis that we are all facing — hurricanes, disasters, fires, earthquakes, drought and floods. It has to be individuals regardless of religion, race, age, colour or anything because we are all living on Planet Earth.

BUT the difference here is that 64% of all the money contributed will go to the whole UBIEE operation including those who have contributed to the Vortex, and everyone who has a commitment to a team supporting the environment will be a partial beneficiary.

As a contributer,You also receive a blister of ten PowerPills, free of charge. 10% of the envirocash you receive from your Vortex(es) is set aside to pay for a pack of PowerPills. These are then sent from UBIEE headquarters and shipped all over the world free -no postage and packing. So everyone gets to test the UBiee PowerPills and see for themselves just how effective they are.

TP1 Position can earn 30.36€ in each Vortex. Multiply all your Vortexes by this and you can see that out of one small Contribution of 11 €, you can end up earning 1000s, not today, not tomorrow or next week, but maybe in 2 or 3 years time, because you will NEVER drop out of the System and WILL ALWAYS be in there.


UBIEE ENVIRO Project is another way of creating Environmental Awareness to help our Planet so that our Children and Future Generations will be able to live a healthier life; a unique programme which combines environmental awareness, educating people with the benefits of the UBiee PowerPill while at the same time with a One Time Contribution of 10 € (plus 1€ admin fee) will allow Contributors to earn a Real Residual Income. It is called CONTRIBUTIONAL MARKETING.


The 6 Musketeers Agency Presents the UBIEE ENVIRO Project

You can download this information in pdf format HERE!

The 6 Musketeers


  1. January 6, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    […] EXPLANATION UEP VORTEX ——- CONTRIBUTIONAL MARKETING  For English version click here […]

  2. Hari baskar said,

    January 6, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Hello Six Musketeers,

    well Dany, sarah and all other members of Six Musketeers, UBIEE ENIVRO PROJECT is a very beneficial programme for all the people living in this world by way of environment protection and also it can fetch regular income for the contributors. I need your permission to use this blog to provide information to my contributors. Also i want to make a small request to all the UBIEE members to give priority to promote UBIEE ENVIRO PROJECT which is going to be a real success in the near future.

    thank you
    Six Musketeers
    (you can do it)

    • 6musketeers said,

      January 7, 2010 at 6:34 pm

      Hello Hari!

      Yes, of course you have our permission to use this blog for this information on the UBIEE ENVIRO Project, and any info on the blog.

      Quote:”UBIEE ENIVRO PROJECT is a very beneficial programme for all the people living in this world by way of environment protection and also it can fetch regular income for the contributors.” You are so right. Thank you for your visit and your positive approach to this UBIEE environmental solution.

      Many blessings,

      Musketeer Sarah
      One for all and all for one!

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