The UBIEE PowerPill Explained

The UBiee PowerPill FE-3 is a uniquely formulated fuel conditioner unlike any other product out there on the market. It is the only product of its kind that guarantees a minimum of 78% reduction on nasty poisonous carbon emissions! Yes, you heard me right, 78% MINIMUM! Regardless of what you may think about global warming, the result of your community using this product will be that when you walk down the street, the cars going by will not be choking you as much, and you might even be able to see a few more stars in the night sky!

Pollution hangs around us in the form of smog, and what you do not hear from the popular media is that the inefficient burning of fuel causes much of this smog. Fuel burns inefficiently because of carbon build-up in the engines, and because of impurities in the fuel, which actually cause these build-ups to occur! Have you ever considered that these impurities are actually great for business at your local pump; after all, the more fuel your engine wastes and spews out in the form of toxic black smoke and partially burned gas into the environment, the sooner you have to come back for more! In addition, testing has shown that as the fuel prices go up, the quality in many areas has gone down.


Musketeer Danielle Michiels Shares Her Testimony On The UBIEE PowerPill

Musketeer Danielle Michiels


I live in Belgium, Europe, where 75% of the buildings, apartment buildings, houses, use   the   fuel heating system, which heats the water which goes into the  radiators and provides the hot water for showers, baths, and all  kitchen supplies and sinks which use hot water.

Each year in September and February, I have to fill up my static fuel tank for my heating system for winter.  At the same time, I have to  clean out my heating system as well as the chimney from all the smog and gum deposits due to the burned fuel.

For a year now, I have been using the UBiee Powerpill FE-3 in my static fuel tank. I  used the double dosage, as indicated,  upon first use;  for example 500 litres for 7 PowerPills X 2 = 14 Pills, and now at each fill up only 7Pills.

To use them in a static tank I have to crush them and pour the powder in a glass bottle with some fuel and shake it for at least 3 good minutes to make it dissolve completely and mix; I then have to poured it into my tank.

After 2 weeks running perfectly it all stopped and I had to change the fuel filter due to all the dirt in the fuel. After one year of using the UBIEE POWERPILL I don’t have to do it any more.

For 1 year now it has been running smoothly and you don’t even hear the engine running, and there is no more polluting smog coming out of my chimney,

I also had to turn down the heating thermostat to a lower setting, and still it is heating very well and my water is extremely hot.

Normally I have earned 3 extra months of heating, so that is an economy of 300 litres at the price of 0,875 +21% TVA = 317,625 €

I usually use 1.500 litres a year X 0,875 +21% TVA = 1.058,75.

I really do love those UBiee PowerPills FE-3. They are doing a magnificent job. And I am proud to help Nature, my health and that of the neighbours, and mostly “my Wallet”.

I will give a follow up on my next fill up probably in October.

UBIEE you’re A  STAR.

Danielle Michiels

Country: Belgium

captubpp1For more information or to get your UBIEE PowerPills click here or on the


Frequently asked questions about the UBIEE Power Pill Presented by The 6 Musketeers

The 6 Musketeers Agency Photo

Compiled by The 6 Musketeers

Musketeer Marion and her husband, Syd using the UBIEE PowerPill

Musketeer Marion and her husband, Syd using the UBIEE PowerPill


1- Who manufactures the UPP?
Ø The “New Image” Company in New Zealand, Ring SMS UBiee now has exclusive marketing rights in 3 continents. and it is distributed by UBIEE, Zaragoza, Spain

2- What does the UPP Do?
Ø It Cleans and removes impurities in the tank, valves, injectors, pistons, improving combustion by extending the useful life of these parts.

3- What is The UPP made Of?
Ø It is made out of Fossil Ferrocene and detergent additives; the name says it clearly “FE-3”

4- Are there any Documents with Testimonies?
Ø We have Testimonies from more than 54 countries.

5- Can the UPP be used in Diesel or Gasoline?
Ø Yes it is used in both types of fuel and often works better in diesel fuel because it is much less refined than gasoline
and obtains excellent results in a very short period of time.

6- Why do you call the UPP The fuel Cleanser?
Ø It is used to cleanse the impurities contained in the fuel for better combustion.

7- What percentage reduction do we obtain from the UPP to eliminate the Gas emissions?
Ø Carbon monoxide by 78% , Hydrocarbons by 24%, Gas emissions by 73%

8- How does the UPP work in the fuel?
Ø The UPP Works at the molecular level and prevents the sulfides and water from mixing and forming sulfuric acid, ultimately preventing the formation of carbon deposits and eliminating the presence of carbon deposits within the engine.

9- What is the benefit of using the UPP?
Ø It Increases the octane in the fuel and reduces the formation of carbon originating from the combustion chamber and reduces gas emissions by improving fuel economy by burning the fuel efficiently and economically

10- When the UPP is dissolved in the Gas what does it increase or decrease?
Ø The octane rating is increased by 1 to 4 number depending on the quality of fuel, once the cleansing of the combustion chambers commences the octane appetite of the engine is reduced by 2 to 8 points resulting in the double effect. (Raises and lowers the octane consumption).

11- When the UPP is dissolved in the diesel fuel what happens?
Ø You can get better results in diesel than with gasoline depending on the quality of fuel (diesel). The degree of potential cetanes can increase by 6 points giving a better engine performance by cleaning the carbon deposits left on the combustion chamber in the same way as it does in a gasoline engine.

12- What are the benefits of using the UPP?
Ø The UPP Can be used in all engines, large and small, gasoline and diesel, single and double traction; saving you money every time you fill the fuel tank. It is working with the environment by reducing the gas emissions. The UPP is made with 100% active ingredients, so the formula is completely natural, increases engine power, creates a quieter and cooler motor, protects valves, keeps spark plugs and injectors clean, provides lubrication to valves and rings and keeps combustion chambers free of carbon deposits, generating a more complete combustion.

13- By using the UPP What is our savings percentage?
Ø It depends on the driver and the condition of both the vehicle and driving conditions as well.
Tests and Testimonies suggest increases from 4% to 25% or more.

14- What about the speed of velocity of the fuel by using the UPP?
Ø It Increases the speed of velocity and stabilizes the thermal heat of the chamber, giving greater strength and power to the engine, its power will prevent anti-shock of energy and time to burn fuel, producing a smooth and stable motion, benefiting the life of metal parts, and cost savings for maintenance and repairs.

15- What are the benefits to the environment using the UPP?
Ø The benefit to the environment is the guaranteed reduction in the emission of polluting gases to (CO, HC, NOx, etc.)
UBiee Power Pill is completely non-toxic and is environmentally friendly with 100% active ingredients.

16- Can I plug the fuel pump by using the UPP?
Ø No, the UPP completely dissolves in the tank, leaves no residue and is hydrocarbon compatible.

17- Can I damage the engine by using the UPP?
Ø No, on the contrary, it extends engine life due to its total hydrocarbon compatibility. The PowerPill will not cause damage to even the most expensive or high tech engines. The product is manufactured under the IS09001 Quality Assurance Programme. However for your peace of mind, a $ 10 million insurance cover is in place, plus our money back guarantee.

18- If the use of the UPP is suspended do we lose all the benefits obtained?
Ø  No, not during approximately four tankfuls; the UPP is of repetitive use.

19- Is there a specific manner to use the UPP?
Ø No, it is a small tablet that is applied directly into the entry of the fuel tank and does not need to be applied by any technician.

20- What is the UPP dosage?
Ø Each tablet treats 80 litres of fuel – diesel or gasoline.

21- Is it possible to use the UPP in fixed tanks?
Ø Yes, the UPP can be used in both fixed tanks and in tanks in movement.
In fixed tanks you have to crush the pill and mix it with a small amount of the fuel immediatly prior to pouring in the tank, 1 pill per 80 litres of fuel.

22- Is it possible to use the UPP for boats?
Ø Yes, they have been used in boats with great success.

23- In what other engines is it possible to use the UPP?
Ø The UPP is used in all kinds of engine that use liquid fuel, for example a lawnmower, fuel heating systems, motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, semi-trailers, tractors, work and construction machinery, boats, It is not recommended for use in aircraft.

24- Are regular oil changes and maintenance checks necessary when using the UPP?
Ø Yes but the periods of time are extended; that is to say if maintenance and change of oil is done every 5.000 km, it can be realized every 10,000 kms. It is also necessary to check oil, fuel and air filters to make sure they are kept clean.

25- Does one give some type of follow-up to the use and application of the UPP?
Ø Yes, it is advisable to give an exhaustive follow-up after the application of the UPP.
The Protocols must be followed exactly for the best results.

26- What is the Protocol?
Ø It is the recording of detailed information of a vehicule before and during the application of the UPP as agreed.

27- Who  gives the follow-up of the Protocol?
Ø The sales agent who made the agreement with the company or client who used the UPP in their vehicule/s.
It is the follow-up by the sales agent with the staff of the company or client.

28- Who buys the Protocol?
Ø The client must buy it.

29- Do you give samples of the UPP?
Ø No

30- What does guarantee if the UPP really works?
Ø It is guaranteed by the Protocol; if the protocol is not carried out we cannot guarantee any result. The UPP always works.

31- What are the guarantees with the Protocol on having applied the UPP?
Ø When the Protocol is followed exactly, we can guarantee the total return of the investment to the client if the promised savings as previously agreed with the company or client is not reached. If the Protocol is not followed correctly there is no return of money.

32- Is there some kind of satisfaction in using the UPP?
Ø The guarantee of satisfaction is part of the Protocol.

For more info about the UBIEE PowerPill go here….

UBIEE PowerPill

UBIEE PowerPill

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The UBIEE Corporation S.L. is a Spanish Trading Company with its Main Focus`s to support a cleaner Environment. The Company was established in May 2007, and is part of the RingSMS España S.L. (established in June 2002) Group, which is the World Wide Organiser for the UBIEE ENVIRO Products/Services

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