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Welcome to The 6 Musketeers Agency



Who are the 6  Musketeers?

We are:

Sarah Pritchard in France

Danielle Michiels in Belgium

Marion Hume in Australia

Patricia Bartch in USA


We are all part of the parent company UBIEE SEO PRO (USP) and have formed our Worldwide Agency to provide you with a new advertising arena, which NO other Advertising Media can offer you at this moment in time.

Using our publishing platform, your Business pages or websites will be seen online, much faster and without paying thousands of dollars to do so.


What is The 6 Musketeers Agency?


A Publishing House, offering a new innovative form of advertising for your


We offer an Advertising Medium which is more effective than any form of advertising you may have already used, such as Solo ads, E-mail advertising or Newspaper and Magazine ads etc.

Here at the 6 Musketeers Agency, we are presenting you with something that will make a huge difference to your advertising results.

UBIEE & The 6 Musketeers

For the 6 Musketeers, taking care of the environment is a very important issue.

We are much more than an advertising agency, as you will discover.

As UBIEE Ambassadors and Elite Leaders, we will be sharing our efforts with you here.

In the meantime, here are the links to our UBIEE Projects:

UBIEE Enviro Project Contributional Marketing

UBIEE Earth Mail Email Turner

UBIEE PowerPill Cost Effective Fuel Conditioning

Many blessings,

The 6 Musketeers

The 6 Musketeers Agency

Email: info@6musketeers.email-2-0.com

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