A Simple World Peace Solution for Everyone

FUTURO Quest for Peace

We live in a world where 95% of all the wealth is controlled by 5% of the people. Many families in Nations around the world are living on less than a dollar per day.
This paradigm is not working …. of that we can be certain

We believe the time has come for a paradigm shift…. a new way of thinking and living together on the Earth…..a NEW HUMAN CONCEPT based on SIMPLICITY.

Our Plan is so basic and so simple that everyone, every NATION, every government can easily understand it and put it to use. It is based on a principle so powerful, that for the first time in the history of the world we have the ability to create a TRULY STABLE Economy for everyone with everyone included and no one left out.

We can now do this because our Plan is based on everyone’s greatest asset……. the one thing that everyone in the whole world values more than anything else.

Our plan is based on the future of our Children and we call our plan The FUTURO-Plan, a


I am Shocked

Does your heart stumble over the behaviour on this Planet Earth as you watch the TV these days.
We have seen dead children’s bodies being presented on TV, children running for their Lives while being shot going to their schools and homes, children caught between firing soldiers, after being held as hostages or under siege. It’s impossible for any person, especially a parent, to understand, regardless of religion.

The FUTURO-Plan has no political or religious orientations, it is not financed by any Oragnization, Church or similar. It is a pure concept by People like You and Me.

created for making our Planet Earth a Better Place

The FUTURO-Plan actually encourages smaller and Community Banking Institutions to hold the Government Guarantees that “pay out interest” to Families in the Local Community

The FUTURO-Plan does Not require that money be ‘spent’ by a government or institution to pave the way for our children’s future. This plan takes advantage of already existing funds that can be HELD BY ANYONE who wants to MAKE TRUE CHANGE.

The FUTURO-Plan does not require a change in Politics or a change in Law – It is a Simple Formula that Banks will love, because Banks can loan against a 30 year Government backed Guarantee.

There is enough wealth in the World for Everyone and it is time to “simply change our understanding of where the TRUE VALUE is and focus it back to each Child”

By creating a “Solid Foundation” the FUTURO-Plan will cause

The Rich to become Richer but the “POOR WILL ALSO BECOME RICH”

The FUTURO-Plan is DESIGNED to use the interest from ALREADY EXISTING Government or Corporate Bonds and Guarantees! It’s a plan that WILL WORK without spending ‘new’ money and without a change in Government or policy!

Do you dare to believe that a SIMPLE SOLUTION EXISTS?

The children are our future. Their hope is in your hands. What happens to children in the first period of their lives is essential in their development and thus the development of our society and the world.

Regardless of the ‘GDP’ value of any Nation, The FUTURO-Plan provides a SOLID and SIMPLE Mathematical Formula for a WORLD PEACE SOLUTION by creating a 30 YEAR Plan in which FAMILIES and CHILDREN receive EVERYTHING NEEDED to ensure Education, Recreation, Food, Actual Spending Money, Medical Care and More! The FUTURO-Plan actually encourages smaller and community banking institutions to hold the Government Guarantees that pay out interest to families in the local community.

Hungry Children
The FUTURO Funding Investment Formula

1 x 14 x 30
This value represents the First Part of the FIFFormula
and represents the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) per Capita for ONE child

The total market value of all final goods and services produced per person in any country each year.
For 1 child we divide this amount by 14 to calculate the amount per month received by your family.
EXAMPLE: For Australia this would equal $3,344

is the Second part of the FIFFormula

In the UBIEE FUTURO-Plan we count 1 Year with 14 Month. It serves as the Constant Multiplier to the First Part of the FIFFormula and always references to the amount of time within 1 Year
30 this is the Third part of the FIFFormulaIn the UBIEE FUTURO-Plan this is always the Constant Final Time Indicator for a time period of 30 Years.
But it also makes up the final result of 420.
1 x 14 x 30 = 420

With the above 3 parts we achieve the Whole SIMPLE Monetary Formula. Each of the 3 parts are the basics for simple understanding. Only the FIRST part of the Formula is changeable to receive different results. Outcome from the FIFFormula in simple monetary terms:
$1 = Monetary Value times 14 = Yearly Value times 30 = Time Value Results in $420
$420 times 4% Interest increase per year = $16.80

Most people today, do not see the Simplicity of the WORLD PEACE SOLUTION, because they look for something much more complicated to solve the World’s Biggest Problems of our time, Hunger, Crime,Unemployment, Terrorism and much more! Look up in Google “world peace solution” to see how far we have gone already.

What I present is easy if you can think SIMPLE, Consume Less and Share more.
So what can you do right now? Search the Web for “monetary reform” or “community currencies” a simple fact already in UBIEE SEO PRO, and see that the entire monetary reform, with its community currency has a plan presented already on a simple Excel Spreadsheet.

Ask yourself the Real Reasons for today’s problems
Poverty, Hoplessness, Misery on one side with Arrogance, Selfishness and Greed on the other

It has nothing to do with Religion. It is simply a sad time BUT it is within ALL of US to change it.
I am ready! Are you? Nobody likes to lose his life, not a Child, not a Terrorist.

Believe me, this will not STOP if we don’t stand up for a United Solution.
I truly believe that I have what is needed to be presented,
something so SIMPLE that we together can present it to the United Nations or to any Head of State that is willing to look into it.

1 x 14 x 30 The Magic Formula

Would YOU like to see WORLD PEACE?
Please go to http://marion.ubieeaustralia.com and Sign our World Peace Petition
because together We CAN make a difference


The FUTURO-Plan is a World Peace Solution created for making our Planet Earth a Better Place, a place that will provide the necessities of life, Food, Shelter, Health and Education for EVERYONE

It has been presented and put together for you, for the normal person like Joe Bloggs that has a heart and cannot understand the poverty, disease, misery and hoplessness we see on our Television and want to do something about it.

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