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Let us present Planet Earth

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Who are the 6  Musketeers?

We are:

Sarah Pritchard in France

That’s me above, presenting Planet Earth to you.


Danielle Michiels in Belgium  Musketeer Danielle Michiels



Marion Hume in Australia    Musketeer Marion Hume


Patricia Bartch in USA Musketeer Patricia Bartch

The Earth we live on is Mother Earth’s garden.  We all share in tending this garden.  It is a beautiful garden over all, even though it has its wild patches and untended patches.

God put man on the Earth to act as his servants, to take care of the Earth.  We all have our part to play.  Some of us are more creative, some are more physical and so on, but we all share in the tending of the wonderful garden.

Together we are doing and can continue to do Mother proud.  We can all do our bit.

We are actively helping the environment as and when we can.

We are UBIEE Ambassadors :

We have waited for government and industry to act – and we have waited too long.

Climate Change is here NOW – we are experiencing it almost daily.  Climate Change issues are in the news every day.  We are now experiencing freak weather incidents the world over.  We are experiencing Super Storms with hail as big as tennis balls. Australia is experiencing tornadoes when they have never experienced tornadoes in living history.  The weather is changing folks, and it is called Climate Change.  Climate Change is here and now.